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On Wednesday, February 16th 2011 an information event on "Environmental Management Systems", jointly organized by Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), Peter Fischer Managementberatung and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin (IHK Berlin), will take place in Berlin.

When: Wednesday, 16. February 2011, 16 - 19
Where: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin (IHK Berlin), Mendelssohn Saal, Fasanenstraße 85, 10623 Berlin

In times of scarce resources and a growing number of environmentally conscious customers it is an asset for small and medium size enterprises of the industrial sector to become aware of their responsibility towards the environment and future generations. Environmental Management Systems provide a framework to tackle the environmental issues of an organisation.

In February 2011 YEE office will welcome new EVS volunteers - Mercedes Fioravanti Álvarez from Spain and Mathieu Frédière from France.

Mercedes mathieu

Welcome to YEE team!

EVS volunteers will stay with us for one year so for sure you will meet them during YEE projects and you will see their activities at our website and in the newsletter.

To know more about EVS (European Voluntary Service) project in YEE check the section EVS.

If you have some questions about EVS contact EVS coordinator Gosia Zubowicz:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YEE and EcoCenter Zapovedniks prepared the Russian version of the booklet
"Games for Nature"

This is a follow-up publication to the youth exchange 'Learning from each other - games of environmental education' that took place in Poland in September and was organised by our Member Organisation OA PTTK from Poland and YEE. You can find out more about the youth exchange here: Youth Exchange 'Learning from Each Other'.


Winter edition of our Newsletter is ready!

It is packed full of interesting articles about the projects and events that have been taking place over recent months. You can read about water monitoring in Czech Republic, guided walks in the nature of Albania, and get a beautiful Finnish perspective on the winter season.

If you have any suggestions about other changes or improvements to our newsletter, please do email Gemma: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since this is the last Newsletter of 2010 I would like to send a big THANK YOU to you for reading and contributing to the Newsletters this year.

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A food system is the link between agriculture, the food supply chain, and nutrition. It starts with healthy soils and ends with healthy bodies. Healthy soil produces more nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains. When animal feed comes from healthy soil, the meat, milk, and eggs from those animals are more nutrient-rich as well. Thus, the health of our land and the sustainability of our food system determine the health of our bodies.

Our food system is often organised in a way that does not provide safety, sustainability, or health. We may not be aware of problems of our food system when the things we eat are produced far away. Still, we have to ask questions. Is agriculture sustainable? Does the farmer use compost or chemicals? Do the chickens live in small cages, or have enough room to move? It is difficult to answer such questions when food comes in packages from far away.

Through our ‘Healthy Food Campaign' we aim to show you that eating habits matter. Eating healthy food has benefits not only for you but in the larger scale as well. In our online campaign we encourage you to change some eating habits by giving examples of how you can eat in a more healthy way and thus positively influence your natural surrounding at the same time.


There are many ways how each of us can contribute to improvement of the environmental situation. Why not by paying more attention to what we eat?


You can make the change, start from your plate!