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YEE prepared for you another useful publication - the bookletCover_discover_nature
'Discover Nature. Tools for environmental education'.
It's full of new methods that you can use in your work in nature.

It's a follow-up project of the Youth Exchange
'Learning from each other - methods of environmental education'.

Use methods that other environmental organisations are using already!

Download the publication:
'Discover Nature. Tools for environmental education'

Printed version will soon reach your organisation.

Enjoy reading!

From 22nd to 24th of July 2011, the most important event of our network, the YEE Annual Meeting 2011 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

As part of this year's program of the Annual Meeting you can look forward to:

  • the elaboration of the 2011/2012 working plan of the federation with new interesting environmental projects and activities,
  • the election of the new YEE executive board,
  • the discussion about the short term strategies of YEE,
  • and a lot more about YEE and international cooperation.

We hope that your organisation is motivated to send a representative who will take part in the Annual Meeting and contribute to the work of YEE network. Remember, you and yourorganization can create the future of YEE!!!

We are looking forward to meeting some of you soon personnally!

More information coming soon!

In case of any questions please contact the YEE office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After one year in YEE as a project coordinator Michal Švec is leaving YEE office team. It has been a great chance and pleasure for all of us to work with him. Read more information about the activities he was involved in and his personnal opinion about working in YEE, in his article.

YEE thanks Michal for his work and support!

The next edition of the Y&E Magazine will be about ‘Methods of environmental education. It will be a follow-up publication of the YEE Youth Exchange 'Learning from each other - methods of environmental education' that took place in the Czech Republic in April 2011.

As well as including contributions from participants in the youth exchange, we also hope that other members of YEE will be able to contribute to this publication.

The deadline for articles is 20th of May 2011.