Fourth day, Thursday 12th

The sessions of this morning were reserved for discussing again about the draft projects that the participants are developing during this AM. We had a useful session about fundraising, and then the delegates split again in small groups for a simulation of grant application for their projects. At the end of the morning session, the groups got together again and presented their projects in front of a "funding commitee" so that their proposals could be discussed more in depth by everybody. It was a very fruitful session, and you can see how these project are really taking shape and they're getting ready to be included in the Working Plan for 2011.
After lunch, the "official" part of the AM was opened. The voting rights of the delegates from full MOs were verified and the Meeting started, with the election the Chairperson of the Meeting and of the Electoral Committee for the election of the new Executive Board. The participants listened to the Annual Report about the projects carried out this year by the federation, with the participation of many of the project leaders. Then Adriana, the Secretary General, presented the Financial Report. Finally, the Chairperson Anne and the other Board Members presented their personal reports for the last year, and the Board was officially cleared.
Democracy is good, but following all the correct procedures can be tiring... so, at the end of the day, participants deserved some relax in front of a fire here in Svycarna! ...and trying to make a bonfire out of wet branches and damp timber was a challenging team-building exercise! ;)


Third day, Wednesday 11th

Today's sessions were about strategies.
In the morning, the participants worked on the YEE strategies in the first session: they split in small groups, they analysed different problems and discussed about the possible strategies to carry out to face these problems. So, in the next months YEE will have a lot of good ideas to implement in order to improve its publications, its finance, its environmentally friendly behaviour...
The same kind of work was done in the second morning session, but on a different level: this time it was about the strategies of the MOs and the personal strategies of the participants for next year.
The afternoon activities were led by Hnutí Brontosaurus, our hosting organization for this Annual Meeting. After the demanding working groups of the morning session, the participants were definitely ready for a healthy walk in the forest around Švýcárna, a visit to one of the many caves in this area and some relaxing environmental games...
Just after dinner we welcomed the representative of Baobaby, one of the NGOs which applied this year for membership in YEE. She ran a presentation of her organization and answered the questions of the Board and the delegates. The decision on the acceptance of the applying potential new MOs will be taken on Friday.


Second day, Tuesday 10th

After everyone got to know the other participants and MOs represented here, on Tuesday we started working seriously...
The morning session was focused on the role of the Member Organizations inside the YEE network. We pointed out together what are the opportunities, the rights and the duties of every YEE member organization, refreshing the knowledge we already got and learning even more about what being a member of YEE means.
The participants dealt with this issue working in small groups about promotion of the network, they went through the Member Organization Policy of YEE and reflected about the role of their organization inside the federation.
In the afternoon we got even more "real", as the session was about projects. We started working on proposals of projects for the Working Plan 2011, and each participant prepared a draft project and presented it at the Project Fair. Then some of the projects were chosen for further development, and everyone chose in which workshop  they wanted to participate, so that somebody could start taking responsibility in the organization of these activities. Some of these projects, in fact, will be included in the YEE 2011 Working Plan.
This fruitful day ended with the Intercultural Party, in which everyone had the opportunity to show something of his/her home country and everybody had the pleasure to  taste some local dishes and drinks... Well, intercultural learning includes good food too, why not? ;)

First day, Monday 9th

The AM 2010 has started, and we'll tell you day by day what's going on with this diary!
On Sunday evening all the participants arrived in Josefov - Adamov, in the "Švýcárna" ecological center run by Hnutí Brontosaurus, and the AM was officially opened.

Today the participants had the opportunity to know each other better and to introduce their Member Organizations.
In the morning we broke the ice with some team-building games, including an environmental treasure hunting that made us explore a bit the area around Švýcárna, and learn more about the nature in this region.
In the afternoon, each delegate introduced his/her Member Organization through games and presentations, and all of them improved the knowledge of the other MOs... this is the first important step to build tighter connections, make our network more effective and cooperate together!

You can find some pictures from the activities of this first day on our facebook page.

Every day we will post some news here on the website (and also on facebook), and at the end of the AM we will publish here a new big photogallery with all the best pictures from this event.

See you tomorrow!

YEE office team would like to inform you that a new Projects Coordinator Michal Švec (Czech Republic) started to work in YEE office in Prague in July 2010.

Michal is taking on the responsibilities after Katka Lejckova who finished her experience with YEE after 2 years.

So goodbye to Katka and hello to Michal.

If you have any doubts or questions about projects or YEE website, you can always contact Michal on the following e-mail addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To see the whole composition of YEE board and office you can check the section
YEE board and office.