A big international music festival took place in the center of Prague in the end of June, and YEE was there, represented by our EVS volunteers!
On June 25th-26th, the United Islands festival filled with music and good energy three of the beautiful little islands on the Vltava river.
Big gardens, sunshine, cool bands and a handful of active Czech NGOs with their info points...
Have a look at the pictures in our new photogallery and you will find out how ours looked like!


Check out the new section on our website YEE Promo.

You can see there the result of the project "Youth in ‘green' mov(i)e" - YEE promotional movie.

The project ‘Youth in ‚green‘ mov(i)e‘ aimed to create a general informative movie about Youth and Environment Europe - the network of youth environmental organisations that has already a long history. International team was working for 6 months gathering materials about YEE, pictures from various projects, documenting international meetings, cooperating with profesional movie makers. The movie shows how young people can join the organisation and how to get involved in activities, what are the main fields of work and what type of activities YEE organises.

We are happy to share with you the new issue of YEE Newsletter May/June. You can read there many articles about YEE projects, projects of member organisations, environmental topics and much more.

YEE Newsletter aims to describe interesting youth and environmental projects, actions, topics that are important for young people dealing with environment.

All YEE publications can be found at YEE web page in the section Publications.

Enjoy reading!

YEE Newsletter May/June

CBD publishes Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

The world has failed to meet its target to achieve a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. It is not nice to hear, but that is the truth.

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity just issued the third edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook, which is a useful tool to understand why we failed and what mistakes have been done. It is a scientific assessment of the current state of biodiversity and it also analyses the implications of its continued loss for human well-being. 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity, and it is a good occasion for all of us to reflect on what has been done so far and what we still need to do to prevent biodiversity from collapsing.

Check out the complete version of the Global Biodiversity Outlook for a deep knowledge of the current state of biodiversity on our planet, or just have a look at its summary to get an idea of the main topics. The more information you get, the more helpful you can be.

TC in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Check out our new photogallery with pictures from the Training Course in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution organised by YEE in Hostětín from 22th to 28th April 2010! In the Photogallery section you can also have a look at all the other galleries from our previous events... Enjoy!