Dear YEE Member Organizations,

With the start of the new year, as part of YEE restructuring and trying to make it more efficient and reaching out to more Member Organizations, Youth and Environment Europe is initiating an External Relations Pool of Representatives in order to assist the ER Officer to perform his/her duties in order to better serve the needs of the Federation.

The External Relations Representatives would be able to help the ER Officer execute her/his responsibilities by attending various international events on behalf of YEE, exchanging useful information, discussing different matters of relevance to them.

YouthNetworks blog released
We are pleased to tell you YouthNetworks has launched a blog for youth organizations and their youngsters interested in International projects and activities. In this newsletter we will give you more information about the new blog and its highlights. Are you curious to see the blog? Check out:!

Help to improve the YouthNetworks blog
We just started the blog, so it's still in it's building phase. The YouthNetworks-team is working hard to create an informative and fun blog for you all. However we need your help! We request to share your ideas, suggestions and creative contributions to inspire us to improve the blog. Beside that we also call for comments on the posts to make the blog interactive. Another way to help making a success of the blog is to create a link on your homepage to We appreciate your efforts en help!

Young volunteers all over the world are celebrating the International Day of the Volunteer under the theme "Volunteer for our Planet - how volunteers are trying to combat climate change" on 5th December 2009.

Dear Friends and Partners,

I would like to announce that CEHAPE Health and Environment blog for Youth has been launched. The main aim of the blog consists of providinginformation about healthand environment issues, news, projects and also photos and videosabout youth from across the European wide region.


Dear friends, we invite you to spread information about our contest SCRIPTAMANENT!

Ask your volunteers to write about their EVS experience and they can win 300 euro!

Rules and sheet of registration are now available in English, French and Spanish!!

Thank you for your help

Best regards

Lucia Creanza