June is here and the first summer issue of YEE e-Newsletter is ready for you! This month YEE brought its voice to many European events such as EuroDIG 2018 and European Youth Event. We are also working hard for the preparation of the Annual Meeting and the celebration of YEE 35th birthday! And our members are very active as well: read about their wonderful community-based environmental projects!

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This year again, YEE and Tamjdem organised a volunteering time in Toulcuv Dvur. This ecological centre welcomes schools, families, as well as any people in need for some nature. Therefore, there is always plenty of things to do and volunteers’ help is always welcome.

Last Saturday, we helped Vášek from the organization “Envira” in the “clay park”. There was a fence to be painted, but also (a lot of) wood to be cut and stored next to the traditional ceramic oven, for future clay productions. Altogether, we did a good job! We also discovered some very interesting information about Toulcuv Dvur, and tasted some tea cooked in traditional ceramics.

The YouthDIG & EuroDIG meeting has been held in Tbilisi earlier this month. Our Member Organisations Officer, Ketevan Kochladze, represented YEE at EuroDIG 2018!

Who can make progress? The only way we can progress is by coming together, working together and finding solutions together! Internet is indispensable in everyone’s lives. It should be an open and safe place!

On the 1st and 2nd of June, three YEE representatives took part in the European Youth Event as members of the Youth for Climate Ambition Delegation in order to raise awareness and propose solutions to tackle climate change.

May is here and YEE keeps buzzing! We are happy to share the new issue of YEE e-Newsletter with you. Meet our two long-term volunteers who will start working in September and learn more about YEE involvement at the European level. Our members have also been very active, with two wonderful community-based environmental projects!

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