YEE would like to wish you happy holidays and share some interesting news! In this issue you can find updates from our projects, news from member organisations and their activities, EVS volunteers’ reflections on their experience with local Czech traditions and reports from external events. Check out what actions have been organised in the frame of Change Climate Change campaign, look at the call for actions and join us!

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In the end of December we would like to present to you “Best recipes”. The booklet is a summary of one year of recipe competitions which were held in the frame of YEE’s ongoing project “Office Cuisine”.

Throughout 2016, we organised seasonal vegetarian recipe competitions. For winter, spring, summer and autumn people from all over Europe had sent us their favourite vegetarian recipes. Thus we received 14 recipes from 9 countries. This competitions aimed to promote healthy eating habits, the significance of food diversity around the world and the intercultural value shared within YEE network. Each season we chose winners but all of the recipes are too good to be lost, so now you can try it all and choose your favourite!

We can smell the gingerbread vegetarian cookies and see the twinkling led lights all around... holidays season is here!

We, YEE team, would like to take this chance to thank all our member organisations, volunteers, Board, friends, funders and supporters for a successful 2016. It has been a challenging year, but together we have managed to organise many great projects and campaigns and we have done our bit in making this world a better place to live.

We wish you sustainable winter holidays and we look forward to the New Year 2017 full of exciting projects and inspiring time in nature!

At the end of November, I (Stefan, new External Relations Officer) travelled to Vienna to take part in the International Youth Conference on Environment, Health and Mobility.

More than 70 participants (all youths!) from more than 30 European countries came together to step up and raise the voice of the young people when it comes to a healthier environment for all of us in Europe and the whole world.

In late September, Stefan (new External Relations Officer) participated in EEB's Annual Events in Austria near Vienna.
The EEB (European Environmental Bureau) is Europe's largest federation of environmental organisations and the “environmental voice of European citizens”.
From 25-28 September about 50 people from all over Europe and very different organisations came together to decide on EEB's future and work focus as well as to meet each other to exchange knowledge, motivation and contacts.
Since we are one of only two youth organisations in the EEB pool, Stefan gave his best to represent the ideas and expertise of young people and especially of YEE.