Three months went fast and in the middle of March, from 13th to 17th, YEE’s Board and Office met again for the third Physical Board meeting. This time we had it outside of Prague, in the small Czech town of Horažďovice. For 5 days Board and Office were hosted in the nice and cozy eco-center PROUD.  

On the first day, to set positive and productive mood for the next work days, we had several energizers and team building games.

The whole next day was spent with updates from the Board Officers and Secretariat. The team shared the latest news about external relations and projects of YEE, discussed membership issues, check the financial report from 2016, discussed the donation strategy and brainstormed about possible ways of promoting YEE through different channels.

Gender, environment, environmentalism, balance, equality, equity and mainstreaming. These were the keywords which marked the second week of March for YEE.

25 participants from 22 countries came to the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France, to explore gender equality in environmental projects. It all happened in the form of a study session organised by YEE and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

YEE invites all interested youth organisations to join our new project!

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 If you could create your own ‘postcard’ to raise others’ environmental awareness, what would it look like?

We invite you to find out by applying to join the Czech group at the youth exchange “Postcards from nature”!

Winter is slowly saying goodbye. Some manage to stick to their new year's resolutions, while others find it a bit harder to do so. There is one resolution our network still holds though - the one to make this world a better place. Check how we tried to achieve just that in the past few months, what projects we’re currently working on and which environmental activities will happen in the near future. Get inspired, improve your work, take part in our activities and support our initiatives!

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