CCC Campaign was successfully completed and we want to share with you the results and next steps.
Do you still remember YEE Climate Campaign from 2015? We've decided to continue working on this topic as it's such an urgent issue. Change Climate Change Campaign (CCC Campaign) was initiated by YEE partners who wanted to deepen their knowledge of climate change and adaptation. They wanted to discuss and explore how to prepare our life and surroundings for the effects of climate change and how to educate people about the ways to fight climate change.

Good news for YEE office! The application for the EVS grant of the Erasmus+ programme was approved which means that we will welcome new volunteers in September! You can read more about the EVS project in YEE here.

We are happy to welcome Cristian from Italy and Coline from France to YEE family! Read more about our new volunteers below.

YEE is happy to present a new publication "Guides for youth NGOs" which was created as a part of the project "Sustainability in NGOs". The  main aim of the project was to explore the concept of a sustainability in youth organisations in order to improve the quality of their work.

This publication is a collection of five guides on specific topics: strategic planning, sustainable principles, sustainable project management, human resources, learning organisation.

Inclusion is one of the most prioritised topics of nowadays reality. How to involve youth, despite of their social, cultural, educational, geographical, economic or mental obstacles in environmental projects and give them same opportunities for learning? How to reach people from different backgrounds? How to make environmental projects more inclusive? In order to answer these questions, YEE organised the training course “YEE-nclude: inclusion in environmental youth projects”.

From 2 to 9 April, 28 participants from different countries explored the topic of inclusion. The training course took place in the environmental educational center “PROUD” in Horažďovice (Czech Republic).

Every year, YEE members gather for the Annual Meeting of the federation. In 2017 the meeting will take place in Finland. One of the most exciting things happening during the meeting is the acceptance of new members. And your organisation could be also one of them!

If your organisation is working with young people and for the protection of the environment, why not to apply for membership in Youth and Environment Europe?

You can apply for membership in YEE until 14th May 2017.