NGO market 2016 1Last week on 27th of April YEE visited the NGO market which was organised by the Forum 2000 Foundation. The event took place in Prague at Forum Karlin, and it gathered many NGO representatives from different fields of work, such as environmental, social, youth, financial, legal, cultural etc.


YEE Newsletter AprilThe spring is finally here and so is the new April issue. Our traditional and favourite The Right to Be(e) campaign has started again and we are more than happy to invite you all to join it! You can organise an activity to help your local bees and raise awareness about their well-being. We also had some big changes in YEE office - we said goodbye to EVS volunteers Vladimir and Judit and welcomed new people. In this issue you can also find interesting and inspiring news from some of YEE members working on various environmental projects.

You can find YEE e-Newsletter April issue here.

Earth Day TD 2016 2This year's Earth Day featured YEE amongst a fantastic array of different stalls at Toulcův dvůr on a sunny spring day. The main event of the day involved children running around the farm; it explored the various ways in which the environment is essential to us and must be cared for. It also involved activities such as making seed bombs and cooking over an open fire.

FredHello there. I'm Fred, and it seems that I've found myself in a delightful situation. After coming to Prague a few months ago to write my thesis about historical hedge protection I was thinking. If only there was a place I could go and actually carry out projects on environmental issues, rather than just writing about them. Better still, a place where I could carry out projects next door to goats, biodiversity, and with lovely colleagues.

Welcome to YEE 2016Great news for YEE office! Our EVS (European Voluntary Service) project application was approved by the Erasmus+ programme. This means that our new EVS volunteers will join the office very soon. This year it will be Diana from Russia and Aljaž from Slovenia. 

You can read more about EVS project in YEE here.

Meet our future volunteers!