AALast May 2016 YEE decided to join more than 300 other organisations in the People4Soil campaign, which aims at soil protection at the European level. You can have more information about it here.

The objective of the campaign is to promote a ECI – European Citizens Initiative – which is a European petition, that will be launched in September 2016.

STEP 4th meeting 3On 28th and 29th of June YEE's Secretary General and Networking Coordinator attended the 4th STEP project meeting in Heraklion. The meeting was hosted by the local authority in the Region of Crete, Greece. Project partners as well as representatives of the local authority took part in discussions, presentations and workshops on the topic of youth engagement in decision-making processes.

The summer is finally here and with it our new issue of YEE e-Newsletter. Check it out - you can find a lot of interesting news from the YEE office and our member organisations. It is always nice to see and share news about environmental projects which our members work on - environmental film festivals, competitions, campaigns and many others. In this issue we also have a collection of articles about international days that celebrate the environment - you can find a lot of interesting and new information.

You can find the new issue here.


smallforwebOffice Cuisine is a YEE Secretariat initiative to promote sustainable eating habits and lifestyle among young people. We try to be a source of ideas, to give examples and tips on subjects related to food. As you can see, we are sharing recipes and articles in our blog; and we now have a Facebook page: Office Cuisine.

We already had a Winter competition followed by a Spring competition, it is now time to open our Summer vegetarian recipe competition.

collageforarticleWithin our international campaign The Right to Be(e) 2016 on creating awareness to support the survival of bees, we organised a competition. Participants were taking part by organising an activity to help the bees.

We received many interesting entries to our competition for best activity to help the bees. You can read more about each activity here. We would like to thank each one of them for their participation and we hope they will continue spreading awareness on this topic.