Amelys articleHello, I am Amelys, the new intern of YEE. Just to let you know myself a bit more, I come from France and I am actually still a student. I am now in my last year, doing a Master of International Law and Politics.

My parents always lived in the countryside, in the south of France, and they still are – so for me spending time outdoor is a common thing.

YEE STEP workshop 2On Wednesday 4th May afternoon YEE held a workshop in the framework of the STEP project and STEP eParticipation platform. We met a few enthusiastic young people living in Prague with interest in the environmental, social and political fields. Many of them are studying environmental subjects at Charles University in Prague.

During the workshop we discussed about the aims and significance of the STEP project for young European citizens and for policymakers. We also developed and shared ideas on how the STEP platform should look like to meet its users' needs and interests.

Our discussions took place in a relaxed atmosphere at the Fair Food Club inside the Faculty of Science in Prague.


NGO market 2016 1Last week on 27th of April YEE visited the NGO market which was organised by the Forum 2000 Foundation. The event took place in Prague at Forum Karlin, and it gathered many NGO representatives from different fields of work, such as environmental, social, youth, financial, legal, cultural etc.


YEE Newsletter AprilThe spring is finally here and so is the new April issue. Our traditional and favourite The Right to Be(e) campaign has started again and we are more than happy to invite you all to join it! You can organise an activity to help your local bees and raise awareness about their well-being. We also had some big changes in YEE office - we said goodbye to EVS volunteers Vladimir and Judit and welcomed new people. In this issue you can also find interesting and inspiring news from some of YEE members working on various environmental projects.

You can find YEE e-Newsletter April issue here.

Earth Day TD 2016 2This year's Earth Day featured YEE amongst a fantastic array of different stalls at Toulcův dvůr on a sunny spring day. The main event of the day involved children running around the farm; it explored the various ways in which the environment is essential to us and must be cared for. It also involved activities such as making seed bombs and cooking over an open fire.