collageforarticleWithin our international campaign The Right to Be(e) 2016 on creating awareness to support the survival of bees, we organised a competition. Participants were taking part by organising an activity to help the bees.

We received many interesting entries to our competition for best activity to help the bees. You can read more about each activity here. We would like to thank each one of them for their participation and we hope they will continue spreading awareness on this topic.

Art news bookletYEE and LEWE are happy to present our new publication "Art for the Environment" which is the follow-up of the youth exchange with the same name.  

This booklet was created for young people who are interested in the topic of environmental art and would like to get some ideas and inspiration for organising their own workshops and activities with friends or local communities. Inside you can find out more information about the youth exchange "Art for the Environment", an overview
of what environmental art is and workshop ideas which were collected by the editorial team. 

If you want to share your own workshop ideas, you can send them to Natalia Luchko (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and they will be published on the blog Art for the

Art for the Environment booklet

final1On 12th of June YEE took part in Sustainability Day. It was a sustainable lifestyle festival. This event was organized by Greenglasses, a platform about environmentally-friendly living in Prague, and Nové trhy, an association which organises markets in the Czech Republic. It took place in the cultural centre Radlicka.

Several events were happening during the day: a market, discussions, live music, movies...

Aljaz - welcome letterSo it goes. My year as an EVS volunteer at YEE has begun. New country, new culture(s), new people, same passion - the environment. And it seems that all ingredients for a fruitful year are there.

Before I continue with my impressions and expectations, let me just quickly tell you some things about myself. I'm Aljaž and I come from Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. I studied agronomy and I'm a big fan of the outdoors. In the past few years I've become very interested in how environmental organisations work and what the role of volunteers is in them. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to join this YEE project, which combines both of my current interests.

wodfinishToday is World Oceans Day. This is a good opportunity to speak a bit more about oceans. They cover 71% of the Earth surface and contain 98% of our planet water. They are also the home of aquatic life, which is 94% of life on Earth. However, we know very little about the oceans. We know only a small amount of the species that are living in the deep oceans. We have studied the moon before the sea floor and the rumour is circulating that we explored less than 5% of the oceans.