Period: 2018/2019, 12 months



Period: 2018/2019, 12 months

Some children want to grow up to become a fireperson, cook, teacher or pilot. I had a slightly different ambition:

I wanted to become an environmental activist.

I dreamed of a future where I would chain myself to trees, sail in front of whale killing boats and never ever get a driver license.

At least little Femke would be proud of my incapability to drive.

As for the other dreams, I haven’t put my body yet in front of chainsaws or harpoons. Despite this, I would still call myself an environmentalist in heart and soul. I hope little Femke would be satisfied seeing me:

Taking a train from Brussels to demonstrate for the Climate Conference in Warsaw; mobilizing students for the Climate Conference in Paris; coordinating student sustainability groups; supporting environmental youth groups involved with the Earth Charter; incorporating sustainability, justice and peace in my work as a teacher; and connecting students, university staff and external organisations to research sustainability challenges.

Doing these things would have been impossible without the support, guidance and help of various people and organisations. In my turn, I hope to use my time at YEE to empower youth who are engaging themselves and others for a more sustainable future.

Looking forward to what this year will bring,


ESC volunteer 2018-2019 at YEE

I grew up in Wales, around the west coast, seaside town of Aberystwyth, that is surrounded by luscious green hills and mountains. Due to my surroundings, I’ve always been aware of the importance of the environment and its protection. I studied Human Geography at University as I was interested in the relationship between humans, politics and the environment, and how these three things in turn affect each other.

I did not carry on working in this field and for the last 5 years I have been working in the world of Human Resources. Knowing that I have always wanted to work for the NGO and charity sector, I see this opportunity with YEE as a way for me to follow my passions. I believe that empowering young people to believe that change can start with them is really important and I am looking forward to learn how YEE engages young people in campaigns and how they work together with different organisations across Europe towards one goal.

I’m looking forward to learning how to set up campaigns and work on environmental projects during these 12 months. I hope I will also be able to explore the Czech Republic during my time here and even be able to speak Czech by the time I leave!