Upcoming YEE Annual Meeting 2020

Dear YEE Member Organisations, Friends and Partners,

Although the year 2020 has been a challenging year due to COVID-19, the YEE Network and our member organizations throughout Europe have strived to continue the efforts in empowering youth engagement and participation in combating climate change in Europe.

It’s exactly the time of the year when we all together (YEE Member Organisations) gather – to evaluate what was done by the Board and Secretariat during the whole year, but also to set the goals and priorities for the next year when it comes to YEE’s structure and activities and to appoint the new structures of the network (YEE Board and Internal Audit).

Due to COVID-19 and the risk of traveling/mobility under this pandemic situation,  the YEE Annual Meeting 2020 will take place online on the 29-30th of August 2020 via Zoom platform.

If you have any questions regarding the online YEE Annual Meeting 2020 please don’t hesitate to contact YEE Board and Secretariat at board@yeenet.eu and yee@yeenet.eu

See below all documents in relation to the YEE Annual Meeting 2020:

Invitation Documents