Updates from YEE External Officer

Dear all, 

November has been a pretty busy month for YEE’s external relations with one meeting at the European Youth Forum and the General Assembly of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). 

As a lot of you might remember, Youth and Environment Europe is the only youth network on environmental issues member of the European Environmental Bureau. A couple of years ago, we were elected to be part of the board and have a say in all the strategic decisions of the biggest European network of environmental non-profit organisations. It was really interesting to be briefed on the current political situation in Brussels. These information are precious for our youth-led environmental advocacy in Brussels.

Next day, we had the Annual meeting where representatives of the different incoming Presidencies of the European Union where presenting their actions and ambitions. The Minister of Environment of Germany came and I got the chance to ask her a question on how the next EU German Presidency will engage with young people. The answer was vague but hopefully, she will associate with young people! We then voted for the next 10 years strategy of the EEB. We ask our institutions to commit themselves for 2030, it is more time than ever for the main NGO to do the same. The EEB did it! 

At the end of the same week, a meeting at the European Youth Forum was happening, we call it COMEM. It was also time to vote for the next four years strategy. With different youth councils and international NGOs, we are forming a strong coalition which advocates for more action for sustainability and climate action inside the forum. The draft strategy was satisfying but we pushed hard for putting “climate crisis” in the introduction of the text. Almost all our amendments, both on the strategy for the next 4 years and the resolutions were voted. The YFJ is moving and in the right direction! 

Between these meetings, I also went in Brussels and Paris on the behalf of Generation Climate Europe to meet several politicians and officials to convince them to involve us, young people, who’ve been striking for more than one year to be more involved in the decision-making processes! 

Lot to come again!