In May, YEE starts a series of online meetings, lectures, and workshops to keep us connected and learn from each other in the time when we need it the most.

While we are going through a challenging time, where the isolation and physical distance is becoming part of routine due to COVID-19, we, at the Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), are continuing to unite young people, although online. 

We have launched the short-term project, called “A month of Peer Learning”, consisting of a series of online meetings, lectures, and workshops. aiming at creating space for keeping young climate activists and YEE Member Organizations connected and giving the opportunity to share and learn with others in a time when we need it the most. In collaboration with other European youth organisations and initiatives, such as “Up For Europe”, “AEGEA”, “Pollinators Ambassadors”, etc, the tour of the online meetings will start during this month, May. 

What is peer learning?

Peer learning is an interdependent learning practice that calls for mutual exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas. With time and practice, we all achieve some level of expertise in certain subjects. Sometimes, we invite others for an insight: through a late-evening conversation at the dining table, a heated debate with someone of opposing views, or a monologue in the presence of a friend. But that’s seldom that we get a chance to meaningfully share our expertise with someone outside our school or workplace. Through a series of peer-learning events, YEE aims to create a space for meaningful interaction and build a community of learners and collaborators across borders.

What can you expect to learn?

An entire scope of environmental matters! We prepared lectures and workshops on urban planning, waste management, beekeeping, data collection, and more.

The online meetings will be based on interactive methods of learning and non-formal education principles in order to provide valuable learning outcomes and a learning process adaptable for everyone. 

How can you get involved?

Come meet us online! Find the upcoming events on our website in the section Peer Learning. Want to contribute your own expertise? Great! Create your own online peer-learning event together with YEE. We just launched the call for leaders on our website.