A week-long online training course? Successfully accomplished!

As you know, our work plan in 2018 was focused on environmental decision-making and youth participation. In 2019, we were focused on the topic of grassroots movements, bottom-up initiatives, and young people who want to solve specific environmental issues affecting their local communities. 

Now, we are building upon the identified needs from both projects and that’s why our focus is currently on the capacity building and strengthening skills of young people, to help them become actively engaged in the environmental policy-making processes, with a strong background and support coming from a structured and sustainable organisation. That is where our 2020 project “Imagining the Green Future: Environmental Strategy and Youth Advocacy” begins.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, our project team had to adapt and we temporarily re-directed the project activities into the online form. Although it seemed like a huge challenge, we did it! From 18 May to 23 May 2020 we held a first YEE week-long online training course “Building the Vision: Youth environmental organisations of the future”

With this online activity, we have successfully prepared 25 young people from all over the world coming from environmental movements, informal groups and non-governmental organisations to (re)think of (re)establishing their organisational structures and (re)defining their vision, mission, values, organisational aims, and objectives. During the online interactive training course based on non-formal education and experiential learning methods, we have focused on the necessity of different organisational aspects such as membership management and fundraising. We believe that this online training provided the participants and their organisations with the right base before diving into advocacy and political lobbying on local, regional, national, and international levels. 

These days full of online learning and fun have been a great opportunity to discuss the following topics Vision Building, NGO Foundational Structures, Fundraising & Crowdfunding, and NGO & Membership Management. We are happy that we have successfully managed to create a safe and inclusive online working environment that was productive for both our project team and participants. 

We are also very grateful to have counted on our partner organisations and member organisations without which we would not be able to organise such a successful event.

Thank you to Yeghvard youth-ecological NGO and FYCA from Armenia, Association Argonauta from Croatia, Umbrella from Georgia and ”Common Sense” Youth Organization from Azerbaijan.

One more important project was successfully done by YEE – Youth and Environment Europe and its partner organizations! Through this difficult period of time, organisers of “Building the vision-environmental youth organizations of the future” managed to hold the study session online in which participated from young people from different countries.  It was a great experience!


Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia is super happy to share with you an excellent example of digital youth work. Our partner organization Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is currently implementing an online training course on “Building the vision – environmental youth organizations of the future”. This training course is a vivid example that youth work can happen both online and offline!


Thanks to YEE team’s effort, the project was well organized even if it was online and the participants succeeded their expectations and ready to shift their imaginary organizations into the real one.

Common Sense Youth Organization

Stay tuned for more training course outputs and for what is next to come! Do not hesitate to join us in the next activities!