Alessia: My experience as a facilitator

Being part of the Know Your Grassroots prep – team was an interesting experience. I have been involved before in training’s and exchanges as a participant but this time I took on a more challenging role and it was worth it! I really enjoyed working in a team of people with different backgrounds and interests and the whole process of designing and preparing the seminar was a true journey. By working in synergy, we managed to create a programme that had a flow and that was in line with the aims of the project and the interests of the participants. As a new team we faced some challenges in the process but we always tried to adapt and find creative and constructive solution.

Being part of the prep – team has been not only a great opportunity to learn more about the topic of grassroots activism and methods of non formal education, but it was also a chance to improve my facilitation skills by facing some fears and observing other techniques.

It was a lucky coincidence to work with such a competent and enthusiastic group of people and at the same time have a group of participants that were very active and up to any challenge!

I can say, without any doubt, that was an incredibly formative and rich experience!

Alessia Mazzù