Annual Meeting Report

After completing our Training Course: Create Your Grassroots we had our 2019 Annual Meeting during 8-9th of July 2019, which included the elections for the new board and the internal auditors.
During the meeting, we went over our activities during 2018-19, financial status and future plans. We had lots of fruitful discussions about the future of YEE.
We thanked and congratulated the previous board for their outstanding performance throughout the year. And then the new board and internal auditors were elected.
From left to right: Ergi Bregasi (Promotions and Publications Officer), Daniela Para (Treasurer), Nathan Metenier (External Relations Officer), Tiarnan O’Doherty (Chairperson), Victoria Kosmatova (Member Organisations Officer), Ani Poghosyan (Project Officer) you can read all about them by clicking on their names.
The Internal Auditors appointed for 2019-20 are Eurgain Phylip and Kristine Stikane.
On behalf of the previous and the new Board and the Secretariat of YEE, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to YEE through participation to meetings, ideas on e-mails, financial support etc during the past year.
We all are very excited for the next term and believe that it’s going to be an amazing year for all of us.
To see all of the documents and reports from the annual meeting please view them here.