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Forest Protection through the action of the students

world_habitat_day1bigAnother activity of the Forest Campaign in Albania was the involvement of students and their thinking for the protection of forest.
This action was developed during the months of October and November and has involved some elementary and high schools of Tirana, such are: "Albanet", "Eurovizioni" and "Turgut Ozal". The main actors of this activity were the students themselves which were much exited to be part of the forest campaign.

They were committed to do their best in the preparation of the most simple and original way to transmit the message about the forest protection. They dedicated their free time being together for the same goal, for the same issues trying to filter the best ideas and to come out with the perfect "message show".


The results of their fruitful collaboration also with their teachers were the preparation of colorful posters, leaflets, installations, and power point presentations. One of the most interesting moments of the activity was the short theatre where all the children interpreting different roles were involved. In this scenario the nature, trees, flowers had the opportunity to have a voice and say that they need care and protection from us.
It is important to mention that during these activities the posters and postcards of the campaign were distributed which the children liked very much.
Forests are our lungs, join us to protect them!