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EVS project in YEE

The EVS project "Youth for the Environment" will take place in the office of Youth and Environment Europe on the ecological centre Toulcuv Dvur in Prague, Czech Republic. It will last 12 months and will start in September 2018. We will host 2 volunteers.

Project description:

YEE wants to give young people an opportunity to use their potential to make useful things for the environment. The origin of the EVS project was in noticing the possibilities of learning various skills in the office of an international NGO, as YEE works on various activities (international projects, campaigns, publications, local workshops). Another reason is the potential that every EVS volunteer can bring to the office where the team is international, young and encourages learning from each other and intercultural learning.

The EVS project 'Youth for the Environment' is improved already for more than 10 years and developed with experiences gained from volunteers.

The aim of the project is to develop competences of young people needed in environmental youth work.

Objectives of the project are:

  • to exchange information among countries on topics of environment and youth projects;
  • to raise awareness about environmental problems;
  • to improve various skills needed in youth work;
  • to involve young people in international projects and to promote voluntary work.

During the EVS project in YEE two volunteers will be able to implement tasks and develop skills in a wide scale of activities, which are split in three parts.

First part is the work in YEE office – helping to organise campaigns, activities, publications, projects, website about youth issues and environmental awareness. Volunteers can practise skills of: cooperating in an intercultural team with people from several different countries, working in English, organising, coordinating various projects, networking with member organisations, preparing publications, design, updating website, etc. This is the main part of the project which takes up the most working hours.

Second part consists of possibility to volunteer at the ecological center Toulcuv Dvur, where YEE office is located – volunteers can integrate into local community, practise the Czech language, help in the farm and make practical workshops focused on environmental education.

Third part is the volunteer's personal project. Volunteers can prepare a project according to their interest to practise sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

All these various activities will enable volunteers in different ways to raise their environmental awareness and inform other young people about environmental problems.

During EVS project in YEE the volunteers can gain:
- ability to work and cooperate in an international team,
- ability to work on various computer-related tasks (Microsoft office, Joomla, Photoshop, etc.),
- ability to work on publications (writing articles and texts, researching, proofreading, designing, promoting the publications),
- ability to network and use the contacts for future projects,
- promoting various projects, campaigns, activities, organisations,
- organising local/international campaigns and projects,
- facilitating local and international meetings and events,
- coordinating local/international projects,
- passing knowledge and skills to their peers and colleagues,
- speaking Czech and improving English,
- working with children in organising local educational projects, gaining practical skills in Toulcuv Dvur ecological farm,
- practising various methods of environmental education and non-formal education,
- presentation skills,
- broader knowledge on the environmental issues in European countries,
- fundraising and knowledge about funding opportunities in Europe.

Profile of EVS volunteers:

Youth and Environment Europe hosts two volunteers for a period of 12 months. They usually come at the same time so that they can learn together and support each other in the learning process. The working language in the office is English so we ask for at least good knowledge of the English language (both written and spoken), so that volunteers can actively participate in our office work.

We are looking for people that have at least basic computer skills (in the office s/he will learn how to use various programmes to make web design, layout) and are willing to work inside of the office and outside in the ecological centre. YEE welcomes volunteers with interest and/or experience in the fields of the environment, international movement of European youth, intercultural learning and/or EU issues. YEE offers its EVS volunteers both good working conditions and good living conditions, a lot of space for creativity and a chance to see the results of his/her work, as well as a friendly atmosphere, coaching, regular lessons in the Czech language, suitable accommodation, and the personal support of the coordinator and a mentor during the whole stay. We invite people who wish to gain working experience in the office of an environmental international youth organisation, meet many new friends from different European countries and who are keen to feel like they are doing something useful for the environment. We are open to cooperate with any supportive sending organisation.

Practical arrangements:

YEE will offer the volunteers accommodation in a shared flat. Each volunteer will have their own room. The flat will be located close to the ecological farm Toulcuv Dvur, where YEE office is located. 

The EVS coordinator will arrange the public transport card for the volunteers before they come to Prague. The card will be paid every three months by the hosting organisation and will allow the volunteers to travel freely to work and around Prague.

The volunteers will be registered for the medical insurance by their sending organisations. The sending organisations will explain the rules and main principles of the medical insurance to the volunteers before their service. During the first week of the activity, the EVS coordinator will explain details about the insurance as well and will help the volunteers with the future reimbursements. The volunteers will be provided with contacts of possible doctors and hospitals.

Language course
The language course will be arranged for the volunteers before they arrive to Prague. We will find them a tutor to have private classes once or twice a week for at least few first months of the service.

YEE has experience in arranging the visa and long-term residence permit for EVS volunteers. We will provide all the necessary information and support to those volunteers who need to apply for visa.

Mentoring and support

The role of a mentor is to be for the volunteer somebody whom he/she can always rely on, not only when the volunteer needs help, but also as a friend. The mentors will help volunteers to adapt to the new place and country they live in.

YEE has a long experience of hosting EVS volunteers and we strive to keep the good quality of our project, give many learning opportunities, arrange all preparations in details and support for the whole duration of the project and cooperate actively with all partners of the project.