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2017/2018, 12 months

Nature has been playing a huge role in my youth.

The mountains` magnificence surrounding Lake Como`s shining waters - the area where I was born and grew up, the luxuriance of the deep forests around the Ruhr Universitat Bochum - where I studied and got my degree in Philosophical Sciences, and Tioman Island`s lush jungles and crystal-clear sea populated by wild and extravagant animals - where I previously volunteered as Community Center Manager, have been the physical frame of my life.

Moreover, my interest in nature have also followed an intellectual path: I have always been seduced by the way, during several centuries, the beauty of nature fascinated writers, poets, philosophers, painters, photographers, musicians and even film directors.

Joining YEE means to me a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge of nature and environment from both points of view and to get involved for the first time in more practical issues: organizing campaigns, taking part in workshops and activities, giving my contribution to develop and implement new projects. Apart from that, if you feel like playing some music or having a chess match, just give me a call!

During my EVS, I took part in: