On Arrival Training

Off to a bad start, my train was delayed. I had to run to make it to the next train connection on time. No time for checking Czech words on google translator, just trusting my instincts.

I saw a group of young people speaking English, looking as confused as I was, trying to find their way. Without knowing, we were all catching a train towards the same direction. The funny thing is, this sums up pretty much what an arrival training was.

And there we were! 20 young, excited and confused ESC volunteers from Armenia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Spain and Sweden on a Hogwarts Express-esque train heading to Ostružná, a tiny but beautiful village in Jeseník District.

We spent almost 6 days together in which we got to know each other and our current realities in this country, new for us all. We did some workshops and activities, shared our passions, music and laughter and we even had the chance to explore the wild going for a hike. The height of Šerák Peak was 1351 m but the fun we had was countless.

I have always been told that the arrival training was going to be one of the best, if not the best, experiences during the ESC but it is also said that if you expect nothing, you are never disappointed.

For someone who is naturally unlucky and prone to have bad starts, I am more than happy to say that in this raffle of good luck that life sometimes can be, I managed to get on time to meet the best ESC friends. It may take a few more trains to find ourselves but, at least for now, we have found each other!

I am looking forward to many more adventures 🙂