Call for Local Actions – ACT NOW!

YEE is happy to open a call for Act Now! – local actions for our project partners and participants of “Let Grassroots Grow” project. The call for local actions is an opportunity for the participants of the International Seminar “Know Your Grassroots” and Training Course “Create Your Grassroots” to submit the application of the local action plans as the final stage of the project. 

YEE will financially support workshops which should be organised in September and October 2019. 

The local actions are aiming to support and empower local initiatives to organise local grassroots actions. It is a chance for young people to put their ideas into practice and address real environmental problems.

Local actions are expected to:

– Mobilize local youth and get them engaged into organising / forming grassroots movements;

– Promote environmental grassroots movements;

– Address local authorities and stakeholders in charge of the subject of the local actions;

The outcomes of these local actions can be, but are not limited to:

1) Large-scale youth actions;

2) Workshops, local dissemination activities on environmental grassroots movements;

3) Campaigns;

4) Public statements following the actions;

5) Visualised presentation of the activities for the Publication (including the local issue addressed; action plan and the statement)

Requirements for local actions:

  • There should be a workshop coordinator – a participant who attended at least one of the training courses of the project.
  • Should be supported by the partner organisation – a contract will be signed between YEE and only an organisation. 
  • Workshops should take place in September or October 2019 (last week of October is not included).
  • Involve local young people (18-30).
  • The focus of the workshop should be on environmental grassroots movements and the involvement of young people in these movements.

Obligations of the partners:

  • Each workshop coordinator is required to attend the evaluation meeting which will take place on 1st or 2nd weekend of November 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. The accommodation and food during the meeting will be covered by YEE and travel costs of the coordinator will be reimbursed according to travel limits set by YEE. 
  • Each organisation will sign a contract before receiving the money. Therefore, you agree to send financial report with copies of bills, invoices and other proofs of the payment. 
  • Each workshop coordinator will need to send article, photo and video materials about workshops to YEE.
  • Use logos of YEE, Council of Europe and European Youth Foundation on their printed materials and hashtags: #eyfcoe #YEEactnow


  • Your organisation can reach local young people and receive financial support for organising a local activity.
  • You will gain new experience and skills on how to organise events, plan budgets, make reports, work in an international team, etc.
  • The work of your organisation will be shared with the whole YEE network.
  • Your team will be supported by YEE via email and online meetings.

How to apply:

Applicants are requested to fill in the LOCAL ACTION APPLICATION FORM, and fill-in the TIMELINE and draft BUDGET documents for their activities. Budget and timelines must be sent to with Local Action Application in the subject of the email-  Apply by 22 August!

The prep-team will decide on the mini grants to be allocated for each action. YEE offers up to 400 EUR as a mini grant per action. The decision on the grants will be brought according to the feasibility of the action plan as well as a realistic assessment of the budget.

About the project “Let Grassroots Grow”: