Study Session Fighting for a Greener Digital Future: Call for Prep-Team Members

Youth and Environment Europe is announcing an open call for members of the preparatory team (prep-team) for the Study Session “Fighting for a Greener Digital Future: Strengthening Youth Participation in Internet Governance”.

In previous years YEE participated in a project “STEP”, where we developed and tested an online platform for young people to take part in decision making processes on environmental issues. YEE also held a session on e-participation and shaping greener digital environment during European Dialogue on Internet Governance 2018.

Now, YEE is organising this study session in cooperation with the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe in order to go deeper into the issue:

The aim of the Study Session is:

To explore the impact of the Internet Governance processes on the environment and understand its connection to Human Rights through the youth dimension. 

The objectives of the Study Session are:

  • To raise awareness amongst young people about the impact of ICTs and their current, rapid growth on the environment using non-formal educational methods;
  • Explore the connection between ICTs and environment with respect to human rights and youth participation in Internet governance;
  • Provide the participants with a range of digital skills crucial for their future careers, online safety and participation, for implementing their follow-up plans; and
  • Train young people in advocacy, workshop implementation and digital campaigning, so that they can use those skills while putting their plans into action. 


The main responsibility of the prep-team is to prepare all project phases with the full support of YEE Secretary General and an educational adviser. In particular: 

  • Active participation in the regular online meetings prior to the event (September 2019 – November 2019 // 2-3 h a week);
  • Participation in the live prep team meeting in Budapest 13-14.09.2019 (arrival on the 12th, departure on the 15th in the morning);
  • Full participation during the entire event between 11-16 November 2019; 
  • Preparation and evaluation meetings before and after the study session on the 9-10th of November and the 16th of November 2019 (departure is on 16th);
  • Preparation and dissemination of the call and selection of participants, preparation of participants for the event and providing them with all the necessary information regarding the programme;
  • Preparation and implementation of the programme for the Study Session; designing and preparing sessions based on non-formal education methodology, invitation and communication with speakers, experts, trainers and partners in accordance with the project aims;
  • Taking care of practicalities and for the general well-being of the participants;
  • Monitoring the follow-up activities;
  • Help with the reporting of the project.

Being a prep-team member at a YEE project would offer you:

  • A volunteering opportunity in an environmental youth organisation;
  • Experience in managing youth projects – preparation, implementation, evaluation, follow up and reporting;
  • To extend your knowledge about internet governance and its connection to environmental problems;
  • A chance to develop your skills in experiential learning and non-formal education.

Prep-team members should:

  • Speak English (you should be able to clearly express yourself both orally and in writing);
  • Be willing to take on a challenge;
  • Be responsible for fulfilling their tasks and support the rest of the group;
  • Be committed to the aims of the project and YEE values;
  • Be familiar with non-formal education methods.


The program will be based on the principles of non-formal education and intercultural learning. We strive for active, inclusive and direct communication as well as the transfer and sharing of knowledge. Sessions will be balanced between theoretical inputs, training, workshops, discussions, reflection, planning, brainstorming and other interactive methods of learning.


Accommodation, food, travel and visa costs for preparatory team will be fully covered. 

DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 11th August 2019, Midnight CET.

Application Form

If you have any questions regarding the prep-team application please don’t hesitate to contact incoming YEE Secretary General at