Circular Economy in Albania, just a glimpse

Do you know what circular Economy is? Do you know why it’s becoming more and more important to approach the concept? Do you want to be part of this circle?

At the moment the planet is running out of resources to feed its inhabitants, and within the next 20 years the world’s population will increase by 24% to a staggering 9.2 billion. Humanity is devouring our planet’s resources in increasingly destructive volumes.

These are some news sentences that we wanted to bring to your attention. Indeed almost every day we read some news in relation to the damages that human beings are doing to the earth and on the other side it is the human beings that it is trying to rectify its damages, taking into consideration that the consequences cannot be undone.

Here we come with the concept of circular economy, it’s promoted widely to: redesign the production and consumption of products so that sustainable materials are used, waste is minimized and end-of-life products are brought back into the economic cycle. This is a very visionary approach of the way we live, we produce, we think and we act. This is to look beyond the year 2050, when energy strategy or climate actions are planned of.  

Albania is moving forward for actions and activities for circular economy. EDEN center will implement for 10 month the project “Bringing circular economy out of shade – a brand attitude for active society” through Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development, in the frame of the project En.Net financially supported from the European Union.  The topic is very new in youth and NGOs context, in these content classes with students, training with CSOs and business interested on the topic, and direct actions will occur along the project implementation.

We want to invite the youth in Albania and elsewhere, the NGOs that are curious on the topic, and to transform the concept as a living attitude.  We will share with you more outcome of our project, but first we wanted to give you a glimpse of it. Meanwhile take a look at an interested video from Ellen MacArthur foundation that can inspire you more, and make you curious: Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy.

Let us know your country’s situation in regards to circular economy at We will be happy to know but also to give you a more general overview based on the inputs that you will send to us.

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