Following the recent events about the spreading of the COVID-19, YEE would like to inform you about its precautions for upcoming work plans, events and timelines.
Due to recommended guidelines from the European Commission, World Health Organisation and National governments, it was decided that:

● YEE Staff and Volunteers based in Prague will work from home as directed by the Czech responsible authorities until further notice;

● YEE’s 3rd Physical Board Meeting in Prague due to take place from 14/03-17/03/2020 was cancelled and instead done by means of a Virtual Board Meeting;

● The Prep-team Meeting for the first Training Course “Building the Vision: Youth Environmental Organisations of the Future” of YEE’s project “Imagining a Green Future” due to take place in Belgium from 26/03-29/03/2020 has also been cancelled. Although the Preparatory team will work together online;

● Preparations for the Training Course “Building the Vision: Youth Environmental Organisations of the Future”, that is supposed to take place in Brussels from 18/05 – 24/05/2020 continue, however at this moment it is not clear whether the situation will be favorable to this event. We are monitoring the
situation closely and we will follow the instructions and recommendations of experts and authorities. We will inform you about our decisions accordingly.

Health and safety are our priorities. Future actions and guidance will be reviewed by both the YEE Office and Board on a weekly basis and updated as necessary, taking into account the latest information on the status of the threat and new advice/instructions from authorities.

However, YEE does not decrease its pace of work during these extraordinary times. Instead, we continue to work online and consider different online alternatives to our future work plan activities, in case the crisis will continue for a long time. As a part of our online work, we would like to organise online meetings with our member organisations in the upcoming days to enhance our collaboration. Please follow our website and social media channels for any updates.

COVID-19 / YEE General advice

Please keep regularly checking EU bodies and National governments’ recommendations and always follow their official instructions and advice.
Please make responsible decisions based on an abundance of caution approach. Work from home and try to avoid public transport and public spaces as much as you can.

Anyone entering public spaces should observe the following common sense precautions:
○ Frequently wash your hands;
○ Avoid touching your face;
○ Avoid unnecessary physical contact, e.g. by refraining from customary forms of greeting such as shaking hands;
○ If you need to cough or sneeze and don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow;
○ Avoid close physical proximity where possible and keep social distance
○ Wear a protective mask or cover your face with a scarf.