Making puffs for the office out of old donated clothes. Why? Because it is sustainable, fun and… because we can!

As you may know by now, YEE moved to a new office. We have been settling in for the last weeks and we have come to a conclusion. Having a nice place where we can feel comfortable is necessary. A nice place to take a rest sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Sofas, puffs, nice chairs… Let’s ask ourselves this first.

Yes! Okay, now, what could we do? 

Firstly, we strongly believe that before you actually buy something, there are some other options you should take into account. You can find people who are giving away clothes, forniture, and any other kind of stuff that is not necessarily broken or worn out. You can also swap something you no longer use or, of course, you can also use what you have and make it… let’s be creative! 🙂

This is the great idea Tania, our office coordinator, has had and we are happy to share it with you! Take a look at the steps if you want to do the same!

  • Look for old clothes, bedding…

Sharing post on social media (local fb groups, zero waste groups)

  • Collecting them

Meeting people who agreed to donate the clothes and bedding.

  • Sewing and filling

The creative part starts here!

  • Enjoying

Props to you! You’ve done it!

Check out down below the slide gallery to see how the process went! 😀