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It is becoming more and more difficult to find funds for youth organisations in Europe, as the amount of NGOs and networks working on and with youth is growing rapidly and not proportionally with the amount of funding available.

Starting from 2018 YEE is relying only on administrative funds from European Commission’s structural grant and Membership fees, which is insufficient to finance all the statutory meetings of YEE, our office space, utilities and office supplies as well as the salaries of our 2 full time staff members.

Why donate to YEE?

YEE has been empowering youth for a better environment for the past 35 years. As a non-profit organisation working to provide opportunities to youth across Europe, we rely on the generous donations and fundraising activities of our supporters. In order to keep on organising these amazing projects we need your help.

You, as a YEE supporter, can really make a difference by donating to us today.

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  • Please, consider that the donations will be spent on implementing YEE’s current Work Plan;
  • YEE makes sure that the expenditure of donations are not in conflict with Czech or EU legislation, nor with legislation of the countries, where the YEE activities will take place;
  • YEE is responsible for deciding on how the donations are spent;
  •  YEE remains an independent organisation, regardless the amounts and identities of the donors.