How to support our work?

Thanks a lot for pressing the Donate button! That means you care about Youth and Environment Europe and its future. It is becoming more and more difficult to find funds for the youth organisations in Europe, as the amount of NGOs and networks working on and with youth is growing rapidly and not proportionally with the amount of funding available. Starting from 2018 we are relying only on administrative funds from European Commission’s Erasmus+ structural grant, with which it is really difficult to finance all the statutory meetings of YEE, have an office space, utilities and office supplies as well as salaries of 2 full time and one part time staff members.Instead of growth and ensuring that YEE hires another person to Secretariat, we are currently struggling with keeping 2 full time employees starting from 2019.

YEE’s fundraising group is actively working on finding another sources of funding. We are reaching out and researching on various funders in Europe and beyond. However, to be able to conduct not only educational projects and campaigns (for what most of the funds are granted), we try to search for methods of contributing to the Administrative (Structural) Budget. One of the ways to fundraise is donations from the supporters of YEE. Think of how many positive, interesting and useful things YEE has done for the young people? Or maybe you attended one of YEE’s projects and were impressed by the amount of positive and green thinking people there? Did you make some friends in YEE? Or maybe even more then friends? Do you know how many publications YEE produced and how many young people’s lives it changed through trainings, seminars and giving them opportunities to develop themselves within the structures of YEE? Without sustaining the finances of YEE, we will not be able any more to implement so many interesting, important and live-changing events; what is more, we will struggle to exist. We need your support, even small amount and/or motivating others to donate a bit for a good cause will make a change and a big difference for us!

Thanks a lot in an advance!

* Please, consider that the donations will be spent on implementing YEE’s current Work Plan;
YEE makes sure that the donations are not in conflict with Czech or EU legislation, nor with legislation of the countries, where the YEE activities will take place.
* YEE is responsible for deciding on how the donations are spent.
* YEE remains an independent organisation, regardless the amounts and identities of the donors.