Don’t Burn the Leaf Make it a Compost!

Our environmental project “Don’t burn the leaf and make it a compost” initiative has been implemented on 10th of December in the Georgian village, Samshvilde of Tetritskaro municipality. The project is composed of the following activities: first an awareness raising activity on  burning leaves have been carried out and followed by an installation of 9 composters in 9 households.

In scope of the activity a short movie on the negative impact of the burning of the leaves has been presented to the locals and comprehensive information has been provided to the household how to produce the compost.

The idea of the project was initiated by the president of Umbrella, Slava Mezhdoyan. Though, all the work which has been done by the locals who engaged in the building and constructing process was voluntarily without any salary, fee or finance for their work.

We would like also express our gratitude to the public school of Samshvilde and Tetritskaro Youth Center for their technical and moral support in our initiative.

The project have been financed by the Georgian Government and with the support of the Orbeliani-Georgia Platform.