EDEN Center: Appealing and inspiring slogans for Climate Change in Albania

Since September 2019, EDEN Center’s members and volunteers have been actively engaged in organizing and undertaking actions in boosting the efforts of mitigating climate change impacts in Albania by organizing Climate Strikes/Marches (as one of the founder organizations of the “Fridays For Future Albania” movement) in Tirana and enhancing youth role in these actions. The efforts in accomplishing the aim – system change and not climate change – goes on even empowered. Keep reading!

Throughout June-July 2020, EDEN center in the scope of the “Imperative slogans for Climate Change in Albania project, supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Albania, organized 4 virtual workshops “Loesje for Climate Change in Albania”, under the facilitation and methodology provided by the experts of “Loesje Netherlands” – a group of people who promote the creation of appealing and funny slogans that reflects the current world issues in order to make readers think and act on the topic the slogans are referring to. The principal aim of the workshops was focused on engaging the targeted group into developing and creating inspiring and funny slogans for Climate Change in Albania.

The 1st workshop was greeted by the Ambassador of Netherlands in Albania, Ms. Guusje Korthals Altes, which was enthusiastic for this collaboration between Netherlands and Albania in designing powerful awareness-raising messages for Climate Change as she greeted the participants quoting several Loesje’s slogans. Following, a welcoming presentation was also held by the Executive Director of EDEN Center, Ms. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, who emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences among European countries and especially when it comes to important topics like climate change.

Although the workshops were organized online due to COVID-19 situation, diverse key stakeholders became part of the workshops, including – Albanian climate and environmental experts, representatives of national and local environmental NGOs in Albania, representatives of public administration, academics, nature guides, etc.

The participants coming from different cities of Albania like Kurbin, Belsh, Shkodër, Fier, Berat ect emphasized once more the importance of acting for climate change giving this topic as much visibility as possible. The participants also found the workshop very unique and interesting as they were all the time active and enjoying creating slogans from their own fantasy and inspiration. At the end of every workshop, they were all very curious and barely waiting to see what slogans would come out as a product of their own imagination.

The slogans compiled by the participants will be promoted in different innovative forms where printed posters will be distributed in public spaces like faculties, markets, busses and public institutions. There will also be painted several murals in Tirana and other cities and the campaign will be closed with a cycling march where youngsters will wear stamped T-shirts with Loesje’s slogans on climate change. Nice activities eh?  To learn more about the project and its next steps/stages and to become part of them, stay tuned with the EDEN communication channels!

To appease your curiosity, below we are sharing with you one of the slogans created during the workshops, the rest will be published in the following days.

“Climate change, don’t blame aliens for everything”

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us – eden@eden-al.org

The 4 virtual workshops “Loesje for Climate Change in Albania” were organized by EDEN Center in collaboration with “Loesje Netherlands” in the frame of the “Imperative slogans for Climate Change in Albania“ project, supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania.