Get introduced with the latest project of Ecologic: Stronger Together

The project Stronger Together is a project between VIFIN (Denmark) as coordinators, with partners from North Macedonia (Eco-Logic), Italy (CSCI), Germany (VNB), Sweden (OStra Goinge), and Belgium (Etterbeek). This project consists of a curriculum that consists of 5 modules that teachers will use in their classes, with the goal of maintaining a good dialogue on the module topics such as social inclusion, critical thinking, morality, self-control, prevention of conflicts and resolving them as well. All of these modules will help in preventing radicalization, which sadly is increasing in this modern society where children get their education.

The curriculum will train and prepare the educators to lead the debate and dialogues, and improve their own skills on teaching on this subject, for which at the time being there is a lack of materials for the pupils of elementary schools across many countries. The curriculum is supported by a digital game as an accompanying tool for pupils and educators. Furthermore, the curriculum combines conventional methods of learning and using materials along the digital game, thus contributing to the digital education progress of educators and pupils, while at the same time, it confirms that digitalization is an excellent thing for social activities and teamwork. The project products (curriculum and digital game) can be used in two languages; mother tongue (of each partner country), and English as well.