Goodbye from Sasha

It’s hard to believe that these 4 months are over. Upon reflecting on my interview with YEE back in June and how I felt, I could not have even imagined feeling the way I do now.

My time here in Prague has been incredibly valuable both personally and professionally. I came here with a set of goals, all of which I have accomplished and more. I wanted to learn more about climate communications, funding for NGO’s and how to start an NGO. Whilst I have learned all of that I have also gained skills in writing grant applications, project management, content creation and social media management (my current title is Instagram Queen of YEE).

Amongst all of this, I used my days off wisely. I explored Prague almost every night thanks to the efficient and affordable transport system, taking solo-travellers on mini-tours of the city. This really helped me settle into the life of Prague and experience other cultures by meeting people in a vibrant international city. I also made lots of friends here both at YEE and people who live in the city through networking events. I have to admit that even though I have taken a few #guiltyflights and spent so many hours of my life on coaches that I don’t even want to calculate it, I have taken full advantage of the central location of the Czech Republic. I have been fortunate enough to visit Brno, Plzen, Vienna, Budapest, Jordan and Sweden in the last 4 months. I have used budget services such as flix bus and regio jet to get cheap deals, sometimes as little as 5 euros!

I am so grateful for the ESC experience and everything it has given me. I have a wide-ranging background within NGO’s, though I truly believe that the responsibility I have held during this experience is something I would have only experienced with a double promotion back in the UK. I now feel prepared enough to create my own NGO in the future and I am definitely more employable back in the UK thanks to this opportunity.

I’m sure a few tears will be shed once I get on the flight to Manchester. I will miss Prague dearly and I hope to keep a strong connection to the YEE Network. Who knows, maybe my future organisation will become a member of YEE?…

Please keep in contact with me!