Highlights from the 1st “Virtual Meeting of YEE Member Organisations” for this year.

During the third weekend (18th) of April, the YEE team (Board & Secretariat) and YEE Members met together through a virtual meeting – where the members of YEE Network shared among each-other the work-plan and focus of their organizations. The meeting started with an update on how YEE Member Organisations are working under the current circumstances, later on, the discussion moved on the engagement of Member Organisations within YEE Network and the possibilities to make this relationship better.

The meeting was joined by seven (7) YEE member organizations, as follow:

📌Umbrella (Georgia) – represented by Elena Basanova and Slava.

📌 EDEN Center (Albania) – represented by Tea Zeqaj

📌 Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (Armenia) – represented by Naira Darbinyan

📌Jeugdbond voor Natuur en Milieu (Belgium) – represented by Ewot De Vos

📌 Jugendbund für Naturbeobachtung (Germany) – represented by Gerrit Öhm

📌 Fältbiologerna (Sweden) – represented by Regan McEnroe

📌 YEE Network represented by Bilinc Sezgin (Secretary General), Victoria Kosmatova (YEE Member Officer), Nathan Méténier (YEE External Relations Officer) and Ergi Bregasi (Promo and Publications Officer)

We here at YEE, thank our member organisations who became part of the first vitual meeting!

Meanwhile, in the following days, other virtual meetings YEE Members will be organized.

If you have any question on how to join those meetings, feel free to ask YEE Member Organisations Officer, Victoria Kosmatova – memberorganisations@yeenet.eu