Highlights from the focus group meeting of the “Resist! The Global Climate Divide” project.

Nowadays, the engagement of young people in combating climate change is becoming crucial in the current emergency situation that we are facing. These voices are bringing a pivotal contribution to this critical moment of our planet. In that so-called “revolution period” emanates from young people, youth networks and organization in Europe, simultaneously are focusing strongly their efforts – on building capacity, on promoting the role of young climate activist in the decision-making process and on helping them to address the cause in local, national and international level.

The International Falcon Movement-Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI) is implementing the “Resist! the Global Climate Divide” project, aiming to mobilize a young generation of climate change activists to be ambassadors and multipliers for a systematic and intersectional approach to the global climate change emergency. During the third week of February, the team at IFM-SEI conducted the first phase of the project.

We here at the Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) were present at the second focus group meeting (1st phase of the project) organized by IFE-SEI, within the framework of the “Resist!” project. The focus group meeting (a day-long) took place in Brussels on February 21, among young experts from different countries of Europe. Our Promo and Publication Officer (YEE Board Member) represented the YEE at this focus group meeting to share YEE’s experience and expertise on the issue.

Main takeaways from the focus group meeting hosted by IFM-SEI

The main points discussed, where the young experts dug were about the inclusivity of people of color, people coming from the so-called “Global South” and other communities. The outcomes of the meeting pointed out over the discussion and interactions among the young experts will help in the training program and the next stages of the project.

The team at the Youth and Environment Europe wishes to the steering group of the “Resist!” project success for the next phases of the project!