Highlights from the live Q&A session Why does the Arctic matter?

Did you know that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world? If not, you might have already known that, if you would have joined our recent online event where we have discussed and answered this along many more burning questions!  On the 14th of July, YEE in collaboration with WWF Arctic conducted a live Q&A session “Why does the Arctic matter?”, hosted by  YEE External Relations Officer, Nathan Metenier, and YEE Project Manager, Karolina Fabianova. 

The YEE team was happy to lead the discussion with the WWF Arctic representatives, Jan Dusik , the lead sustainable development specialist for the Arctic Programme who coordinates WWF’s work across the Arctic on sustainability issues; andPétur Halldórsson, biologist, one of the founders of the Arctic Youth Network and the Icelandic Representative for WWF’s Arctic Programme. 

We kicked off the live Q&A session with a short introduction and presentation of both guest speakers, then we moved on to the sustainability issues and threats and the possible scenarios that will occur due to climate change in the Arctic region.  The WWF Arctic representatives answered to the spicy and interesting questions that were raised by the young curious activists.  We have gathered the questions two weeks prior to the event. A significant part of the conversation was also focused on the opportunities and platforms through which young people can become more engaged in the Arctic issues and support the international efforts of saving the Arctic. The platform of the Arctic Youth Network was introduced during the live Q&A session. 

The YEE team has started brainstorming and exploring the possible areas and opportunities that of contributing to saving the Arctic region, one of the most impacted areas due to climate change. We would like to thank Jan and Peturfor joining our youth dialogue and we are excited to develop our collaboration further! 

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