How to stay active

by Victoria Kosmatova

Is it quarantine time or not sometimes it’s difficult to stay active. Our board member Victoria has 2 works, responsibilities in YEE and is involved in many other things. She shared with us how to stay active despite the situation in the world.


In Russian language ‘morning exercises’ will be translated like “charging”. I think this word is meaningful. When we do a little exercise, especially in the morning, it recharges us, gives us energy for the whole day. The same thing you can do if you feel tired in the middle of the day: just do a little walk around or 5-minutes exercises. I have a set of exercises since I was 16 but has been developing it according to my feelings. I just do what I want and like to do. With times I added jogging and yoga, but the main things set.

If you don’t know what to start with, you can just try everything and see what you like more. There are online yoga classes, apps like Nike Training Club where you can find a set of different exercises. Additionally, it will raise your immune system and make you healthier.


During normal life, we used to come home after work and watch videos, series etc. During quarantine time I have discovered that it doesn’t work for me as relax time anymore. It happens because our organism needs a change of activities. If you have worked mentally all day, you need some physical activities to rest and reverse. 

Instead of watching the series, I have chosen the arts. During dances, painting and singing our brain works in another way, developing creativity and new ideas. Arts also give time to our mind to rest. Additionally, it reduces the level of stress. 

You can find online lessons on the Internet and Instagram. I am following painting marathon, singing marathon and yoga marathon online. It means that the teacher send 1 or 2 small exercises and you have to do it in 2-3 days. I like this way of learning because I can choose time to do it by myself. After starting it, I have discovered that my creativity has raised, more ideas in work time are coming. 

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning using online courses has become popular nowadays. But I would be careful with them. There are only 3-5% of people who finish courses. The most part of prescribers just enter and never stat them. 

In general, online courses are a great activity to learn something new. However, you need a willingness and goal to finish it. It’s better if you understand why you need this course, how it will help you with your studies or work and what will you get from it. Sometimes you can attend a 2-hours webinar instead of 1-month course. Additionally, you are going to stay in the same position in front of your computer, so there will not be changes for your organism.

My recommendation is just to be sure you need the course, chose only 1 course and set up the time for this. It’s better to learn something new during weekends, when you don’t have work in front of a computer and can dedicate the rest of the day to other activities. 

Help others

To help someone brings the meanings in our life. Nowadays we have a lot of opportunities to volunteer and help to make our world better. You can be a volunteer in the organization, help to plant trees or take care of animals, help your elderly neighbours with shopping or Internet. A small thing like this can change our world and bring value to our everyday life.

Finally, we don’t need to be active and energetic all the time! Sometimes, our body and mind need to rest, do nothing and it’s normal. Don’t accuse yourself, but left time in your schedule for doing nothing. =)