If not YOU, then WHO?

I came back from Ireland with a great enthusiasm and inspiration. In addition to the gained experience and knowledge there, I have successfully developed a lot more practical stuff as well. I realized that any change starts from an individual, and as a change-maker I have noticed that in case of any problems I would be confident enough to solve any of them, no matter how hard they would seem to be.

It is so cool when you share all the enthusiasm inside with people surrounding you. In that case, the exchange of knowledge is the best method for generating innovative ideas, developing them with your team and turning them into real actions in the future. In regard to the exchange, you enhance your knowledge, fulfill yourself with a lot more energy and vibes, get a great deal of motivation and find like-minded people, which is surely the most vital condition for initiating your goals. 

In support of my new friends at the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, recently I have  successfully organized a local workshop concerning environmental protection and environmental movements, where  nearly 14 youngsters from urban and rural areas were engaged in. In regard to the workshop, I had a great chance of sharing my thoughts, ideas and acquired knowledge regarding the topic. I have generated a great deal of new ideas and passion for kicking off our next initiative with my new team.

During this interactive workshop, we spoke about global and local environmental movements, aiming at the protection of environmental problems and finding appropriate solutions for them. While brainstorming with the team of participants, we came across a few possible solutions. 

Considering the fact that the main source of the existing environmental problems in our country is the lack of awareness and education regarding the topic, we have decided to organize an interactive summer school concerning the environmental protection in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia. The target group of the summer school will be the youth studying at schools. Soon we are going to organize several meetings with the targeted schools’ headmasters so as to develop the partnerships, agree upon the summer school conditions, and start  implementing the initiative.

In the frames of the summer school, in cooperation with FYCA regional coordinators and representatives we will organize interactive classes and workshops,  which  will hopefully make intangible impacts on the existing environmental issues in Armenia.

by Karen Vardanyan from FYCA

A participant from the Know Your Grassroots seminar.