Impacts of the European Climate Lawsuits | Webinar

Unpacking the recent ECtHR decisions on climate cases with Victorine Nagels and Theresa Amor-Juergenssen.

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    9th May 2024

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This webinar is part of the Legal Seeds project.

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Why are we doing this

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) recently delivered decisions on three different climate change-related cases. These were all lawsuits brought forward by citizens across Europe, who argued that states have not done enough to mitigate climate change and to protect their citizens.

By immersing ourselves in discussions on participation, human rights, and environmental protection, we aim to ensure that the voices of young people are integral in shaping policy recommendations, as well as to create a platform where your insights and contributions can drive tangible change, fostering a global community dedicated to environmental advocacy.

In this webinar, one month after the historic decisions, we will unpack the results of the three different climate lawsuits brought forward to the ECtHR:

Who will be speaking

The speakers for the event are Victorine Nagels (lawyer) and Theresa Amor-Juergenssen (legal advocacy deputy at WYCJ). These experienced speakers will analyse the ECtHR decisions and reflect on the significance that these have on States’ climate commitments. They will also analyse what are going to be the consequences of these judgements on climate action and litigation advanced by youth and on the rights of children, youth, and future generations.

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