Implemented activities in times of Coronavirus by Eco Logic, Macedonia

In order for time to be spent in an appropriate way – productively, educationally, and creatively, the Civil Society Organization Eco Logic, through “Velo Schools” has started with encouragement to the parents, children, teachers, and educators to be more involved in implementing informal activities that could serve as complementing activities to the ongoing school program: Velo activities, eco-activities, miscellaneous activities, as well as activities for children with special needs.

Through using this online survey, (i.e., google drive), the interested parties had and have an opportunity to implement the suggested activities/exercises that are adjusted for home-usage. At the same time, all teachers, educators, and parents were also encouraged and motivated to contribute and enrich the content of the platform itself through additions of their own educational activities in a broad spectrum of areas.

Additionally, as part of the regular activities of Eco Logic and Velo Schools were published creative challenges for the children, as well as the whole families:

  • Challenge of a pocket picture book titled: “Show your vision and imagination, it is time for a new creation!”

The goal of this challenge was to stimulate the artistic and literary creations of children, through expressing their personal talents and sharing their own ideas, and ways of thinking about a healthy environment in the future.


  • Challenge for home contest: X/O

The goal of this challenge was to use up materials that everyone has around (used or not used) boxes, or paper, and with them to prepare a home contest with the well-known game X/O. However, instead of X/O, there were two topics covered: drawings with fruit and vegetables; bicycle parts.


This way we have managed to beautify this unusual period of time in which we have found ourselves in, worldwide. The youngest ones were motivated to create quite creative things, thus developing their own existing skills, to educate themselves on the topics of environment and cycling through various activities, but also to implement educational games and activities at home with their parents as well.

Info on the Civil Society Organization Eco Logic

ECO-LOGIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation, promotion of modern eco-practices, as well as following and promoting the principle of sustainable development. Our organization encourages and supports the positive changes in the environment in the shape of: Promotion of ecology as a science; Promotion of the concept of cleaner producing; Enhancement of the ecology education; Promotion of the principle of sustainable development; Creating new “green” job positions; Possibility of training and inclusion of all interested citizens in certain projects of the niche ecology, preservation and handling of the environment, etc.

Info of the project: Velo Schools

The project “Velo Schools”, created by “Eco Logic”, aims to increase and improve the knowledge on the topics of cycling, sustainable transport and safety in traffic, regarding children, parents, teachers, and the broader public.

 Goals of the project:

Forming of the first network of elementary schools in the Republic of North Macedonia, which work very dedicated on the topic cycling; Increasing and improving the knowledge among children, their parents, teachers and the broader public, on the topics: cycling, sustainable development, air pollution and climate changes, traffic safety; Including new and creative ways of learning connected to the above-mentioned topics, etc.