I am Bilinç and as of June 2019 I have become the Secretary General of YEE.

Despite being a graduate of a business school, I have chosen to follow a career in the non-governmental and non-profit sector since 2012. Both my professional and voluntary vocations during the time I studied, inspired me to devote my life to the greater good of all while exploring both myself and the world around me. I have been an activist in many fields such as preservation of minority languages, ecology and non formal education since 2006. In the first half of my career I worked in the area of non-formal education for children, mostly in Turkish Educational Volunteers. Then I became the volunteers and field operations coordinator of Greenpeace Turkey and started to work in the ecology field.

After many years of working, volunteering and travelling, I’ve come to believe that from climate change to wars, poverty and injustice, all the big crisis, which planet Earth and its inhabitants suffer, are connected to each other and we need to act globally to find sustainable solutions. Young people from all over the world will lead this change for a better future. That’s why I am proud and excited to be part of YEE. Now, I look forward to working with all the member organizations and bright young people of Europe and achieve many great things together. We, as the team of YEE, will sustain our democratic structure, strengthen our bonds within the network and keep improving capacities of member organizations while empowering youth.

I would like to thank everyone who had contributed YEE so far and assure that I’ll do my best to honor their previous work and to improve those whenever possible.

For any questions or messages, please feel free to reach me through bilinc@yeenet.eu

With Solidarity!