In YEE, we aim to empower young people and raise their awareness on environmental issues. We support young ambitious and inspiring people who are trying to bring positive change in their daily lives. We do so by any means, one of them by sharing their stories. Storytelling and sharing good examples that we can all follow when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment is an essential part of our work.

Sometimes we all just want to get some inspiration or perhaps to materialize that idea we have been thinking about for so long. That is why we are  happy to introduce you to our YEE Interviews. You can find here uplifting interviews with young entrepreneurs and CEOs, NGOs, businesses, projects, or movements, all involved in the topics we care about so much – youth and environment.

My name is Martina and I started to volunteer with YEE at the beginning of July 2020. I recognize the importance of  youth-led sustainability initiatives to develop a greener community and spread practices of sustainability. This is why I would like to encourage you to drop me an email at if you are interested in being interviewed by YEE!

YEE x IYNF x Czech Zero Waste

#ErasmusDays2020 are all about celebration of young spirit, youth mobilities, inspiring projects and motivation. For this special occasion, we teamed up with our friends from IYNF to introduce sustainable businesses in the Czech Republic. Check out our interview with Helena, one of the three founders of the Blog/Podcast Czech Zero Waste.

YEE x Food Saving Lund

Food Saving Lund is a Swedish non-profit organization that works restlessly to tackle the burning issue of food waste, by – of course – saving food, but also spreading awareness through workshops and sustainability-related events.

Check out our interview with the FSL here. 


STAIY is a youth-led sustainable business initiative gathering all the sustainable fashion brands together in one market place.  It’s the discovery of sustainable fashion pieces from the latest designers, materials, and concepts.

Make sure to to check out this new marketplace for sustainable fashion and check out the full talk here.

YEE x Zero Waste Bulgaria

Get to know Denimir and his idea of “Zero Waste Bulgaria” , a non-governmental organisation which promotes a zero-waste lifestyle! Following the 5R,- refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle, rot, Denimir and his team teach how to implement this philosophy of life, starting especially from students from middle schools. It is the very first Zero Waste NGO in Bulgaria, running also a cozy Zero Waste Restaurant.

YEE x Circle Center Lund

This time, we had a nice chat with the team of Circle Center Lund, non-profit organization based in Lund, Sweden which aims to foster a culture of circular economy, reducing the impact our consumption has on the environment. By lending items rather than selling them, Circle Center Lund promotes an efficient culture of sharing.

Find out more about the Circle Center Lund here.

YEE x Ostia Clean Up

Read more about an ambitious young man Giordano Margaglio and his successful idea of litter-picking initiative which later became a non-profit organization, and so much more. Meet Ostia Clean Up!

Check out our interview with Giordano here.