Join the community of YEE Member Organisations on Facebook.

We’re delighted to inform you that YEE Board and Secretariat have created a dedicated Facebook group (=community) for YEE Member Organisations (MOs) aiming to gather YEE MOs via a non-formal communication channel in order to facilitate the synergy among them.

In following days after the group will be completed with representatives of YEE MOs, YEE Board and Secretariat will start to post in regularly-basis announcements, project calls and opportunities, thus enhancing the possibilities for further cooperation and networking amongst YEE MOs.

In addition, YEE MOs community in Facebook will serve as a tool where YEE MOs can promote their work and give the latest updates to the network regarding their local/national efforts in tackling climate change.

If you’re not still part of the YEE MOs community on Facebook, hurry up to join it because interesting opportunities and announcements will be posted!