Latest update from the team at FYCA: General Assembly 2020

The efforts of the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA) -YEE member organisation- goes on even though under the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Keep reading to find out the latest news from the amazing team of FYCA: 

Dear YEE members and friends, 

We are glad to inform you that despite the pandemic situation, the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia managed to physically hold its General Assembly on July 11, 2020. During the assembly, a new executive staff was formed which now consists of 18 secretariat members and 2 secretariat assistants. The new secretariat members presented their work plans for the next six months. 

We are conscious that it is going to be even harder to continue our youth work but we also realize that nowadays young people face more problems. Thus, we are ready to do our best to help young people in Armenia and abroad to overcome the difficulties caused by the status quo. 

Best Regards,

FYCA Secretariat