Meet our online volunteer, Martina Forbicini.


I’m Martina from Rome. I love exploring the world to accumulate experiences that I can share in a process of mutual learning.

Indeed, before the BA in Global Governance in Italy and the Erasmus in Spain, I took a gap year, moving to Australia, where I was studying English and working. After graduating, I won a scholarship for the International Summer School “Environment, Energy and Global Changes” at Tsinghua University, China. Then, I carried out an internship at Bioversity International, IO focused on research about agricultural biodiversity. Later on, I moved to Portugal, volunteering for a project of environmental preservation.

I really like being surrounded by nature and practicing outdoor activities! I’m eager to preserve the beauty of our Planet Earth. I just started my masters in Environmental Management and Policy at the International Industrial Institute for Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund University, Sweden.

I recently also started The Curve, a blog about Sustainable Development, where I enjoy a lot to discuss ideas about environmental challenges!

I am also interested in migration and gender issues: I am currently collaborating for the social and environmental campaign of Hummustown, foundation which delivers Middle East meals prepared by Syrian refugees in Rome.

I’m super excited to be part of YEE team and to empower other young people while spreading the values of a sustainable greener Europe!