Meet the prep-Team: Imagining the Green Future

“Building the Vision: Youth environmental organisations of the future”

We are happy to introduce our amazing prep-team of the training course “Building the Vision: Youth environmental organisations of the future”, which is the first activity of our project “Imagining the Green Future”.

The team made of 7 people will prepare the training course programme. The main responsibility of the Prep-team is the preparation of the different project phases with the full support of a trainer and YEE Project Manager. In particular:

  • Design, preparation, implementation and facilitation of the programme and sessions based on non-formal education methodology and experiential learning;
  • Preparation and dissemination of the participant call and selection of participants;
  • Preparation of participants for the event and providing them with all the necessary information regarding the program;
  • Invitation and communication with speakers, experts, trainers and partners in accordance with the project aims;
  • Take care of practicalities and for the general well-being of the participants;
  • Coordination of the follow-up activities and support with the final reporting of the project.

We have chosen Prep-team members based on their topical expertise, in order to balance the overall knowledge and skills of the team and to establish the fitting team roles for everyone

Read more about our prep-team members by following the links below: