Midterm training – post by Annaïs

The last week, 24-28th of January I have had my midterm meeting in Bystřice pod Hostýnem which reunited all the volunteers I met during my previous On arrival training back in September. This gathering focused on reflecting and sharing our experience as ESC volunteers in Czech Republic so far.

We already knew each other and some of us had been lucky to meet again during this period so the athmosphere was great and very chill between us. We surely managed to make this time a powerful, intense and unforgetable one.

Besides the activities and workshops that our facilitators had for us, we also had the opportunity to share our skills in an open space scheduled part as well as going for a hike to the top of the mountain nearby.

It was sad to think this was the last time we could enjoy an experince like this but we will try our best to organise another “Endterm meeting” on our own before we leave this country. No doubt, this is one of the best and favourite moments of my/our ESC life which we will never forget.