Hi! I’m Nathan, a 21 year old climate activist from France. After campaigning and working with politicians at the local and
national level in France, I joined the Board of Youth and Environment Europe from 2019 to 2021 where I developed the advocacy activities. In 2019, I co-founded Generation Climate Europe, a coalition of organisations promoting participation of young people in the European Union’s climate and environmental decision-making processes.

In July 2020, I was selected to become one of the 7 members of the Youth Advisory on Climate Change of the United Nations Secretary General. I have good knowledge of the UNFCCC, CBD and UNEP processes.

I hold a B.Soc.Sc. in Political Sciences from the Grenoble School of Political Studies. I decided to pursue my studies and I am currently studying a MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation at the London School of Economics. I am fluent in French and English with advanced competencies in Italian.

When I am not working, I love hiking in the French Alps, cooking and biking across Europe..!