Influence the EU Nature Restoration Law | #RestoreNature

Join us and over 200 NGOs and ask your decision-makers to adopt a solid and urgent implementation of the law that can curb nature and climate crises. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn the tide for nature in Europe: a law to #RestoreNature.
Is the Global Biodiversity Framework enough?

Is the Global Biodiversity Framework enough?

While there are concerns about protected areas and funding, civil society and youth play a crucial role in holding governments accountable and pushing for implementation.
the relation between the country and coal in the context of the climate and energy crises

Germany has a toxic boyfriend

Germany is particularly vulnerable to disruptions in the global fossil fuel supply chain. Can coal be considered a temporary solution to the energy crisis?

Fit for 55: the legislative package that the EU must not fail

The discussion within the EU around the Fit For 55 legislative package is at the core of the EU's current action on environmental policies and laws. It is therefore essential to understand why the need to update the policies regarding EU climate change, the crucial steps of decision-making, and how we can participate in this process. Thus, this article aims at informing you about the FF55, what it is, why we are talking about it, and why access to justice is an extremely relevant topic.

Adaption at COP27 through a youth lens | Report

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) and Youth4Nature (Y4N) are international youth-led organisations within the nature-climate nexus that strive to bring the voices of youth from across Europe (YEE) and across the globe (Y4N) to the forefront of environmental discussions and decision-making. Building on this synergy and upon COP27 momentum - two weeks within the international agenda where all eyes focused on the climate negotiations - the two organisations met on the ground at Sharm el-Sheikh to share knowledge amongst youth peers globally on what adaptation is and how youth experience it, with an emphasis on amplifying diverse youth perspectives and environmental justice.

Granting Opportunity | Showcasing the Unheard

YEE is excited to announce the opportunity to support 7 grant projects by a Youth NGO’s, aiming to mobilise and empower young people from marginalised communities on a local or national level