Edible Plants - Tools for Youth Workers

A toolkit for youth workers to provide environmental education for young adults through foraging and cooking wild plants.

Conversations with Young Czech Politicians

The booklet "Conversations with young Czech Politicians on youth participation, environment and technologies" is composed of different conversations on youth participation, environment and technology with Young Czech Politicians representing different parties and movements.

Kristīne Štikāne - Member Organisations Officer

Hi, I am Kristine from Latvia. I am a life enthusiast that tries to learn from the life as much as possible including the absorption of the knowledge about environment and interactions between organisms in it. I have a Bachelor's degree in…

Tamara Panic - Promo and Publications Officer

Hello everybody! I am Tasha from Serbia. As a great lover of nature, I wanted to dedicate myself to something that would be beneficial to it. That's why I chose to study Landscape Architecture, which helped me to better understand space around…

Tiarnan O'Doherty - External Relations Officer

Hello there, My name is Tiarnan and I hail from Dublin, Ireland. My passion and pursuit in this life is to promote and protect our beautiful natural heritage. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management and have gone on…