Daniela Para - Treasurer

Hello everybody, My name is Daniela and I am from Moldova. I'm 20 years old and I study International economic relations. I am a hard-working and caring person, who loves nature, good music, tea and exploring new places. As I always cared…

Tea Zeqaj - Projects Officer

Hello, My name is Tea Zeqaj. I'm 21 years old and I study Business Administration in Tirana, Albania. I'm really into travelling, people, animals, theater, movies, music and off course environment. I represent EDEN center, which is an NGO…

Elen Karapetyan - Chairperson

I am Elen from Armenia. My passion towards everything nature and wilderness related has been one of the few firmly unaltered indicators of my character since a very early age. My time in the “Yeghvard” Youth Ecological NGO helped to cast…

Active youth-better environment!

With this project we want to focus on youth participation in environmental decision-making on different levels: international, national and regional.
uniting youth for ecotourism

Uniting Youth for Ecotourism

The publication “Uniting youth for ecotourism” contains tools and framework on eco-tourism, specifically in the context of environmental youth work. 

Guides for Youth NGOs

The following publication is full of guides to help our members and other interested youth organisations expand their knowledge on various topics connected with organisational management: strategic planning, working with people, project management and organising environmentally-friendly projects.