A guide to light pollution

The publication "Polluting Darkness" is a handy guide on the topic of light pollution. The first chapter displays the evolution of artificial light. The second chapter answers six questions on the causes and environmental impact of the dark…
inclusion in environmental youth projects

Inclusion in Environmental Youth Projects

The booklet "Inlclusion in Environmental Youth Projects" aims to help youth workers, youth and environmental organisations to understand the topic of inclusion better, and gives practical tools   making projects and activities more inclusive.

Be(e) the change

This booklet is a follow-up of the training course "Be(e) the change". The publication was created for all young environmental enthusiasts who want to organise a campaign, but feel that they would like to learn more about successful campaigning. Inside you can explore different aspects of organising a successful campaign.


In the booklet "E-waste" you can read about what e-waste is, the types of e-waste, and an overview of its disposal

Climate Campaign Workshop Guidelines

Climate Campaign Workshop Guidelines is an online guide designed to inspire people about the type of action they can take in order to raise awareness about climate change. This booklet aims to help and motivate people to organise local action on climate change.