Who is Eurgain?

Learn more about who Eurgain is and her motivations for volunteering with YEE this year.

Edible Plants - Tools for Youth Workers

A toolkit for youth workers to provide environmental education for young adults through foraging and cooking wild plants.

Kristīne Štikāne - Member Organisations Officer

Hi, I am Kristine from Latvia. I am a life enthusiast that tries to learn from the life as much as possible including the absorption of the knowledge about environment and interactions between organisms in it. I have a Bachelor's degree in…

Tamara Panic - Promo and Publications Officer

Hello everybody! I am Tasha from Serbia. As a great lover of nature, I wanted to dedicate myself to something that would be beneficial to it. That's why I chose to study Landscape Architecture, which helped me to better understand space around…

Tiarnan O'Doherty - External Relations Officer

Hello there, My name is Tiarnan and I hail from Dublin, Ireland. My passion and pursuit in this life is to promote and protect our beautiful natural heritage. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management and have gone on…